As heirs of the Reformation, do we follow them because they speak the truth or because they are the Reformers? The Wauwatosa theologians called on the church of their day and also on our own to examine ourselves critically, to hold fast to the pattern of sound words, and to search the Scriptures. Rev. Peter M. Prange joins us to define the Wauwatosa theology and to discuss its historical background.

Rev. Prange has written extensively on the Wauwatosa Theology. Some of his essays include “The Wauwatosa Gospel and the Synodical Conference: A Generation of Pelting Rain” and “The Wauwatosa Spring.” You can also find many essays at the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Essay Files.

Hosts: Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide
Guest: Rev. Peter M. Prange, Associate Pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church, Kenosha, WI
Episode: 29

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