Strange signs in the sky. Is it ancient Rome, 16th century Europe, or modern America? What do these things mean? Is it all a mere hoax, or is this something that the Christian should carefully discern? Join us as we open the X-Files and talk about the history of alien encounters and how the Christian must test the spirits to see whether they are from God.

Hosts: Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide

Regular Guest: Rev. Adam Koontz

Episode: 104

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2 replies
  1. TCG says:

    Great episode, thank you for tying all of these threads together for everyone. As part of your sequel on aerial phenomena and end times, I hope you will consider the topic’s intersection with the “Marian apparitions” like Fatima. These have nearly all of the hallmarks of “alien encounters” and other more overtly demonic manifestations, going back to the delivery of the rosary by one of these creatures. With so many millions of souls pouring out fervent prayers too “Mary” is it any wonder that some entity going by that name would finally answer?

  2. Rev. Willie Grills says:

    Thank you for the kinds words! We do plan on discussing some of the Marian apparitions in future episodes.

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