Merry Christmas! Join the crew for our Christmas special. We talk about the incarnation, why in-person church in necessary, folk monsters, and predict what will happen in 2021.

Hosts: Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide

Regular Guest: Rev. Adam Koontz

Episode: 121

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  1. David Knefelkamp says:

    I’m not going to spell correctly but as you speak of refinement of synodical convention last convention constitutional changes related to pfargemeinde (sp) relationship between pastor and congregation much ink has been spilled over what makes a pastor and some ink has been spilled over defining church but haven’t seen much on correlation between what is a pastor-congregation or congregation and similarly has our confession of a congregation changed with more multi-point parishes and even multi-location congregations. What does pastor-congregation say about pastors-congregation or pastor-congregations? Not asking for qualification to be a pastor or legal qualification to be church or congregation, but what historically does pfargemeinde mean and how does that relate to our understanding of congregation today. And why is a single point parish called a congregation and multi-congregation parish a parish, when it used to be pfargemeinde? Just thinking as I was listening to another good episode

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