Click here for the reading: 2 Peter 1:16-21.

The majestic light has come and is yet to come. Peter saw the majestic light of Christ’s glory on the holy mountain along with James and John. “Cleverly devised myths” do not have eyewitnesses, and purported witnesses to myths do not suffer for them as the apostles suffered to make known to the world the “power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The light that they had seen showed them the Father’s benediction on the eternal Son about to suffer for the world’s sake, as honor and glory were rendered to the Son of Man before He was glorified and completed in His crucifixion. The majestic light and the Father’s words were seen and were heard by Peter.

Yet we are now in darkness, and the light of the Transfiguration did not endure. Peter was in darkness with us, and glimpses of light do not sustain people when the darkness envelops everything. The darkness of the Crucifixion was enough to terrify the hearts even of those who were with Jesus on the holy mountain, and His companions fled from Him. Accursed and abandoned, forsaken by God and abhorred by man, He died according to His Father’s plan. With Him His Father was well-pleased.

The prophetic word – the Holy Scriptures – are a lamp shining in a dark place precisely because without them we would not understand God’s eternal plan and purpose for us in Christ. We would not know that Isaiah predicted the Messiah had to suffer and die. We would not know that the cry of dereliction from the cross was a cry at last of triumph (Ps. 22). We would not know that all things concerning Christ and all things concerning His people happen according our Father’s plan and for our eternal good (Rom. 8:28). We would not know the Father or the glory of the Son nor the power of the Spirit of love and power and self-control without the light of the Scriptures.

So in a dark place, we take up and read the Scriptures. One day majestic light shall come and shine from east to west. All will see the majestic light and the glory of the Son riding on a chariot of clouds with armies of angels – the King come again in all His glory to reign over all that is His and all who are His and to put away His enemies forever.

But that day of light and complete truth and peace and justice is not yet here. We have glimpses now – in the Transfiguration, in the Resurrection of Jesus. But these are glimpses, and the light now burning until the day of total light is the Holy Scriptures. The Scriptures are the Spirit’s speech through men to men. As a lamp they show us the way to the day of light. They guide us to the place and time when the Morning Star rises and will never be eclipsed, when darkness will be altogether conquered.