The Gathering Storm: The Breakup of the Synodical Conference

When it began in 1872, C.F.W. Walther dreamed that the Synodical Conference might lead to organic unity among confessional Lutherans. When it ended in 1967, its demise drove a wedge between confessional Lutherans that persists to this day.  The Wisconsin Synod and the Missouri Synod were formerly in full fellowship with one another, but no longer.  Rev. Dr. Mark Braun joins us to discuss the tensions between the two synods which led to the final break.

Dr. Braun’s book, A Tale of Two Synods, may be purchased here.

Host: Rev. Zelwyn Heide
Regular Guest: Rev. Adam Koontz
Guest: Rev. Dr. Mark Braun, Professor of Theology, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI
Episode: 55

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