The First Blast of the Trumpet—A Word Fitly Spoken

By a word the sick man was healed. By a word Lazarus came out from his tomb. By a word the adulterous woman was saved from certain death. A simple, fitting word can move heaven and earth. Everlasting life depends on someone preaching, because without someone preaching, how will the dead hear and live? And the one preaching must proclaim the word of Christ and nothing else. God’s Word is enough to make the man of God perfect, equipped for every good work.

God’s Word is enough for understanding Scripture. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Scripture has its power and authority that needs no supplement for doing the work of converting, enlightening, and equipping the servants of Christ. The powerful and clear Scripture moved Josiah to upend his own kingdom.  God’s Son pointed to this powerful and clear Scripture to demonstrate that He had been sent to fulfill it. It is then powerful and clear for us, too, so that poring over Scripture in depth is endlessly rewarding, refreshing, and renewing. Sustained by Scripture, we are like trees planted by streams of water, ever refreshed and ever fruitful.

God’s Word is enough for proclaiming the whole counsel of God. The servant of Christ did not choose to proclaim but was chosen to proclaim. Paul did not select his message but was found and used mightily by the Lord to proclaim a message he had not known in his prior foolishness and blindness. Made wise by the study of Holy Scripture, the preacher will joyfully and powerfully proclaim the entirety of Scripture, not only those passages or tenses or doctrines dearest or most comfortable to him. Christ would feed His people with the plenty and the variety of His Word. Christ’s servants have only to serve what the Master offers.

God’s Word is enough for spreading the reign of God the Lord. The servant who imitates his Master and the apostles will be fervent in proclaiming the good news of Jesus everywhere he goes. He will do the work of an evangelist because he knows the kingdom of God is at hand. A sober and glorious zeal will fill his heart in extending God’s kingdom through the preaching of the gospel.

By words about reading the Scriptures, about preaching the Scriptures, and about the mission on which the Scriptures send all of us, we here at A Word Fitly Spoken aim to give you, the servant of Christ, more and more always from the fullness the Lord has given us in His Holy Word. We love and would glorify our Lord in His Church and His faithful servants, who are being changed even now from this earthly glory to a heavenly glory beyond all comparing. Look here for words on the way to that latter glory, words to refresh and guide, to lift up and to build up, words beautiful and true like apples of gold in a setting of silver.