Canon, Time, and the Messiah

WFS goes on the road to sit down with Dr. Andrew Steinmann to discuss a number of topics.  How do we determine the Old Testament canon?  Why is Esther and the Song of Songs in the Bible?  Why is time important in the Bible?  What unifies the book of Genesis?  Dr. Steinmann brings his insights into all these questions and more in this special episode of WFS.

Dr. Steinmann has written many books. His work on Biblical chronology, From Abraham to Paul, may be found here. He is also the author of several Concordia Commentaries, and his newest work on Genesis for the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series may be pre-ordered here.

Host: Rev. Zelwyn Heide

Guest:  Rev. Dr. Andrew Steinmann, Distinguished Professor of Theology and Hebrew, Concordia University Chicago

Episode: 61

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