Created to Work

The Lord created man to labor, as seen in Genesis 2. There, prior to the fall into sin, Adam tended the garden in Eden. A future where man no longer has to work because his needs are perfectly met–the dream of technocrats, futurists, and communists of old–is not valid. Working is part of what it means to be human, and the Lord creates so that we also may improve and tend what He gives.

Technology existed also in the days of Adam, even if it is not explicitly mentioned. Moses notes that gold adorned the land of Havilah near Eden. Even if it is likely that this is meant to educate his contemporary audience, gold in any substantial quantity can only be obtained through the use of technology. Ezekiel 28:11-19, where the king of Tyre is compared to Adam, describes some of the beauty of Eden and the perfection of Adam in gold and precious stones.

Thus, because man needs technology to labor, and because man was created to labor (Isaiah 65 even describes the life to come as one in which men will labor and enjoy the fruits of that labor), the use of technology is a part of being a creation of God. The difficulty enters in only when that technology is employed for ungodly ends, as will be seen in future posts.

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