Join us for the first in a multi-part series on the Election Controversy in American Lutheranism, a struggle that had its roots in Reformation-era disputes about free will, Scripture’s clarity, and God’s election of grace. We look at the basics of the doctrine of election or predestination, Luther’s dispute with Erasmus, and the developments during Lutheran Orthodoxy that brought so much contention to American Lutherans centuries later.

Resources for further reading include:

Bound Choice, Election, and Wittenberg Theological Method by Robert Kolb

On Creation and Predestination by Johann Gerhard

Predestination by C.F.W. Walther

The Election Controversy Among Lutherans in the Twentieth Century by John Brenner

Hosts: Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide

Regular Guest: Rev. Adam Koontz

Episode: 90

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  1. Mark Beitz says:

    I listened to this podcast while walking the dog. Does it make the podcast more real when passed both the first Lutheran Church in town and the church that broke away from them over the predestination controversy? Keep up the good work – Mark

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