Even if you don’t know it by name, you have certainly encountered the new secular orthodoxy. Critical Theory has infiltrated every sphere of American life, including the Church, even though it is formulated against Christian thought. Join us as we discuss the origin of Critical Theory, why it is a danger to the Church and culture alike, and what we can do to remain faithful in the face of great social pressure.

Hosts: Rev. Willie Grills and Rev. Zelwyn Heide

Regular Guests: Rev. Adam Koontz and Rev. David Buchs

Episode: 134

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  1. Suz says:

    Dear Pastors, thank you for your panel addressing this insidious theory. Whichever one of y’all was reminded of the Tower of Babel is in good company. Several years ago, Anglican Pastor Melvin Tinker (UK) used that example in his book about cultural Marxism. About a week ago, he was interviewed about his updated book by Theologian Carl Trueman and PCA Pastor Pruitt. I hope you have time to listen. I highly recommend their contribution to the discussion.

    How the West Was Lost – Reformation 21

    “A thorn in the side of the Archbishop of York.” That’s how our special guest is introduced today. Reverend Melvin Tinker was the vicar of St. John’s Newland in England for many years. He’s now the director of Theology of the Christ Church Network and the author of an amazing book entitled That Hideous Strength, addressing cultural Marxism in society and in the church. Now in a second expanded edition, the book challenges Christians to understand the culture in which they are ministering and the battle they face against the “War of Position.”

    How has the Church contributed to the spreading of Marxist ideas, and what must be done to reverse it? How crucial is language in ideological warfare?

    Pull up a chair and join this conversation of ultimate relevance and importance!

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