American Folkways: Haints and Healings

How did our forebears seek healing? What did they fear in the woods? What did they think was a witch? Join us for a new series on American folkways, with the good, the bad, and everything in between, as we discuss haints, dowsing rods, and things of years gone by.

Host: Rev. Willie Grills

Guest: Rev. Adam Koontz

Episode: 151

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2 replies
  1. Joe says:

    Water dowsing is discussed by Kurt Koch in Demonology Past and Present. A great author, and solid book. It is an occult practice just like hypnotism and charms. And spiritual oppression can result from it.

  2. Katy says:

    I agree with Joe; I’ve read Kurt Koch’s take on dowsing in his book Occult ABC. Apparently he started off his career thinking it was fairly neutral, at least in certain situations, but he ultimately changed his mind, especially after he discovered that prayer could often render the “gift” ineffective. I was going to send a more detailed email about it, and still might, but if nothing else, I’ll leave this comment here.

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